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The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is the premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies, from conventional trade through joint ventures and on to strategic alliances.

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Israeli HLS Industry

As a world-leading HLS technology provider, Israel’s security is founded on innovative, cutting edge technologies, operationally proven methodologies and comprehensive training and qualification of human resources. The solutions provided by Israeli companies are often customized and balanced to meet specific customer requirements. These solutions also rely on extensive operational experience in countering terror and management of emergencies, gained through years of cooperation with government agencies. Such capabilities are shared with Israel’s allies and partners throughout the world.

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Israeli Agro technology Industry

Israel's Agro Technology industry is charactrized by intensive research and development of innovative systems, rooted in the need to overcome local scarcities of water and arable land. The industry's growth arose from the close cooperation among researchers, extension agents, farmers and agriculture-related industries, cooperative efforts that led to breakthrough achievements. These in turn fostered a market-oriented agribusiness that exports its agrotechnology solutions worldwide. The result is modern agriculture metihods, systems and products in a country where more than half the area is desert.

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Israeli Cleantech Industry

Israel today has more than 200 companies with renewable energy solutions and about the same number with clean water solutions. Exports of energy and water technologies from Israel are approaching $1 billion annually and are poised to grow rapidly as countries around the world take up these twin challenges.

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Israeli Life Science Industry

As a recognized leader of creative developments in the world of high tech, Israel has become a leading provider of innovative solutions in the Life Science arena. In Medical Devices arena, Israeli scientists and engineers have integrated advanced technologies in Electronics, Communications and Electro-optics to develop world-class innovations in digital imaging, medical lasers, telemedicine, diagnostic and surgical equipment.

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Israeli IT Industry
When it comes to software, companies the world over look to Israel for technological leadership. In fact, Israeli innovation could well shape the future of the global software industry: Leaping almost 400 percent in a decade, Israeli software exports rose from $1.5 billion in 1998 to $6.2 billion in 2009. That software helps power everything from PC motherboard chips to cell phones, and is deployed in business, consumer and technical applications around the world. 


Israeli Automotive Industry 

With the world increasingly challenged by congested roads and polluted air, Israel’s ground breaking automotive technologies are in the forefront of improving performance, efficiency, safety and air quality. While Israel does not engage in large scale vehicle manufacturing, about 150 Israeli manufacturers supply systems, parts, modules and tooling to original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket. Israeli companies have successfully adapted military solutions for civilian use and made Israel a notable technology destination for the international automotive industry.

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Lior Konitzki

Vice Director General Head of Business Development Division

Smadar Mizrahi

Executive, Planning & Control, Business Development Division

Gil Winterstein

MFA Cooperation Coordinator

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