Consumer Products sector

Israel’s home and family products are desired by consumers wherever they’re sold. The reasons are clear: A tradition of innovation, marketplace awareness and responsiveness to customer demands rank high on the list. Further, the synergies uniquely available in a small country enable the rapid adoption of locally-developed technologies, helping the industry build modern production facilities and employ advanced design tools.

Home Improvement and DIY

Tools and toolboxes, garden furnishings and watering systems, paints and sealers, locks and security systems, bath and kitchen accessories, decorative and utility containers, self- assembly furniture, and yes, even the kitchen sink all these and more are displayed on retail shelves throughout Europe, the Americas and, increasingly, the Far East. 

Children's products

Israel innovation begins at home, where parents favor children’s products that stimulate creativity. Some 40 manufacturers offer a wealth of educational, toys – where Israel is considered a world leader – plus games and puzzles, plush toys, outdoor games and furniture and even tots’ bicycles. 

Designer products

Israeli designers, excel at integrating esthetics with the requirements of precision production. Their creative concepts are borne of curiosity, a drive to innovate and a wish to deliver smart-looking products that meet functional requirements. The result is a vibrant export enterprise offering innovative, quality products at internationally competitive prices.

Why Israel?


  • Innovative and unique designs
  • Eco- friendly products
  • Cutting-edge  technologies
  • Worldwide leaders  in the plastic industry
  • Optimized flexibility to customers specifications
  • Value for top-quality
  • Reliable and experienced partner
  • Israel to Europe Speed-to-market advantage
  • Free Trade Agreement with Europe and US
  • Complete package of services at your doorstep
  • Connections with International DIY Chains


Nitzan Paicov

Director, Life Style & Consumer Goods Sector

Galit Soudai-Moscovich

Business Development Life Style & Consumer Goods

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